Community Assist Programme Procedure and Form

Welcome to our Community Assist Programme at NWM. Your enquiry for assistance is welcomed and will be carefully considered via our committee and thereafter by our active membership. Obviously we cannot say yes to every request, so confirmation of assistance will be dependent on demands on us at the time the application is made, the size and purpose of the project you describe, and the organisation or individuals you represent. We must also state that we do not work for pecuniary gain (money), and that all our work is voluntary and dependent on the goodwill and time given by our individual members. Ultimately our individual and group membership will decide if they have the time and abilities to assist, and this is the decision we will pass back to you. If your project is completed by us, and you are satisfied with the result, then you might like to consider a Koha (donation/thankyou) to help us maintain our facilities (…and enthusiasm for such work). Appropriate Koha could be a financial donation offered formally to the committee, or donated goods, (recycled tools, machinery, wood or metal) …even home baking for ‘smoko’ goes down well.

Our First Effort

This was one of our first projects and required many hands. Not only were we able to flex our collective brain power and manual skills but we also retained the 24 saw horses, made by us, and are now putting them to good use.

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party…a Light Nelson Project.

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party…a Light Nelson Project.

Your Project Form

In order to submit your very own project please complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Name *
Project description (and associated event ?) attach any flyers, designs, concepts or photos.
The organisation/group you represent/ or alternatively an individual request.
When do you need this project completed/when is the event it is needed for?
What are you able to offer prior to work starting on your project (eg money for materials/donated materials/transport of project.