January 2018 Sheddie

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This edition in short   * Final Preparations falling in place for Amalgamation ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­* Reminder of AGM in early February  * Move to new workshop premises early March * Workbox Update *

Final Preparations falling in place for Amalgamation

New Years Greetings to all Central Nelson Sheddies!  2018 is beginning to look like a “break through” year for Nelson Sheddies as we move through the final steps to amalgamating our two central city sheds. Following a clear majority endorsement to proceed with Amalgamation from our December 15th SGM, we are aiming to complete all paper arrangements to facilitate amalgamation well before the end of February. With this end in mind, we have been implementing a number of agreed initiatives and changes detailed in our ‘memorandum of understanding’ negotiated earlier between the two Nelson sheds Nelson and Whakatū. These include a name change to Nelson/Whakatū Menzshed , a corresponding change to our logo, tagline (which will be in Te Reo Maori), and website alterations to further facilitate the name and organisational  change, an mutually agreed new constitution, and at an Special General Meeting in early February where we will call for a newly appointed committee and office bearers to take the NWM Inc into its next exciting phase. Some members of JAC ( Joint Amalgamation Committee) will be stepping down, but there will be definitely enough staying to ensure good continuity as the Shed moves forward. If you feel moved to join up, make sure you put you name forward at the AGM meeting . Our Whakatū partners will be joining us at this meeting to facilitate the final steps to Amalgamation. See below the timeline and events roadmap that will take us to this point.


FEB 9 (Fri)                               FEB 12 (Mon)                      FEB  23(Fri)                      MAR 5?(Mon)                           MAR 12?(Mon)


9.00am NMI HQ                 9.00am NMI HQ             9.00am NWM HQ                    TBA                                             TBA


Reminder of Nelson (Whakatū) Menzshed AGM early February REMINDER of MEETING : NMI MEMBERS MEETING  9.00AM MONDAY 12TH February  MNI HQ

Nb. See also a separate “formal notice of meeting” in a separate email sent out by MNI secretary Rod Schmidt with a draft Agenda attached.

Move to new Workshop Premises in early March.

Everything is coming together  for our occupation of the new workshop in the old Reliance Engineering complex early in early March  NWM Inc  representatives will sign a years lease on behalf of the newly constituted shed . We will have a full suite of office and recreational room space available to us and a sizeable workshop space with roller door access which is fantastic . Closer to the date will announce an Opening Day event where members can join us to celebrate moving in to the new premises. Some Utilities and furniture have been accessed already  but if you have anything you think might come in handy ( tools /workbenches /couches chairs tables / cups Electric jugs etc / wood supplies let us know and we will make a note of it and pick up closer to the move in date. Contact us through the MNI website or ph 027 474 6631

Workbox Update… It’s all coming together !!!

The New Year and a good holiday break has promoted a fresh burst of energy from all parties working on the WORKBOX  portable workshop project . James from Boxman  has completed structural work to the exterior of the container and Murray from Mitre 10 is coordinating painting /exterior advertising and electrics  while the box is still at the Boxmans site. Our contribution is to help with lining the box with ply and outfitting it with workbenches and tools which will now happen at the new workshop. We have been asked by the Rata Foundation to update our application, which has been done, and we await news of a successful outcome to our requests. The WORKBOX will be a great asset to the new organisation, not only for larger offsite projects in the local community but also when it returns to base, where it will be housed internally and available for SHED members and small group community projects. Keep all those fingers crossed !!!