MNW Operations Coordination team report

MNW Operations Coordination team report

For period April –May 2019

· New sponsor the Car company comes on board with a new $2500 sponsorship deal . Shane Drummond came down to the Shed for a tour and cheque presentation and is a keen supporter of the Shed concept and the community work we are undertaking.

· New Day to Day Management team working well. Following our members decision to opt for a collaborative team leadership model of Management in the Shed the new Coordination team has been working well as a unit with the Mentor team to facilitate a more proactive responsive and systematic approach to day to day management. Significant changes have been made to the shop floor layout and usage which are already making a big difference

· Workbox had an official launch weekend at Mega Mitre 10.

This occasion gave the public a chance to view the concept first hand and generally the public really embraced the concept, and we hope get excited about helping use this community facility to good effect out where it counts.

· Finishing touches to Workbox show an ingenious approach to shifting the box manually

Colin has led this innovative approach to shifting the WorkBox around on site and has developed a manual transporter system using roller wheels and jacks DIY engineering at its finest and a vital job well done . Thanks to Willem for his superior metal turning skills to create new aluminium wheels and new shafts for the jacking systems.

· Donated Timber from Mega mitre 10 rattles brains and provides new income stream for the Shed. Colin has created a whole new product line of marker pegs which are been pumped out efficiently and selling pretty well. Some timber stock has been on sold also.

· Community projects keeping rolling in and out

Nelson Intermediate school picnic tables have just been completed and will be delivered to the school this week Thanks to John R Mark and Richard for coordinating the project and the sheddies coming in behind them to complete the project

· Individual members projects are increasing in frequency covering a wide range of interests and skills Examples include:

An active boat pit with 4 dinghies undergoing repair

Ken completed a stunning garden gate showing his superior joinery skills

· Sheddies contributions to Shed operations make a difference

Wayne adapts a work bench table for Denis to work more comfortably from his wheelchair.

Richard knocked up a wheel chair ramp to improve access between our office space and shop floor

Robert has made smaller workbenches that are already proving popular with sheddies. He also designed and built a step system to access top storage areas of our wood racks.

· Donated materials employ repurposing to create new products

We did a team pickup from Potton Publishing to collect numerous shelves and office furniture that has been put to great use on the shop floor adding extra storage and divisions between work spaces and supplementing wood stocks on our racks.