Committee Minutes 13th December 2018

Menzshed Nelson Whakatū Inc
Committee Minutes 13th December 2018

Meeting started 4:10pm                                Closed at 5:25pm

Chair:                    Phil Chapman
Deputy Chair       Wayne Logan
Treasurer:             Peter Shelton
Secretary:             Graeme O’Brien
Committee Members:  Gavin Cooke, Zack Domike, Cairo Hemi, Shane Paratene, Adrian Faulkner
Attendance: Phil Chapman, Wayne Logan, Peter Shelton, Graeme O’Brien, Adrian Faulkner Zack Domike Shane Paraten
Absent: Cairo Hemi, Gavin Cooke
Apologies Lateness: Shane Paratene
Visitors: Ken Heraty, Ruedi Schuler, Kent Robertson

Previous Minutes: (PRINTOUT)   15th November 2018

Motion True & Correct:  Moved Wayne Logan       Seconded Zack Domike

Correspondence:            Inwards -(PRINTOUT) Buy New Zealand Made Campaign
Outwards -N/A
Adrian Faulkner                       Seconded Peter Shelton

Health & Safety
Warning on blocking fire door with packaging and steel from Fire Inspector.
Action: Better house-keeping

Members parking blocking Port Trucks.
Action: Phil Chapman to discuss with Council, alleyway beside Shed & front parking.

            Members to be reminded not to park past a certain point.

            Further discussion on signage of some kind.  

 Treasurers Report: Grant Raven, final financial report and passed role to Peter Shelton.

 Moved Phil Chapman                                    Seconded Wayne Logan

 Action points from last meeting: 

·       NCC Land at Founders: Further discussion on suitable land.  

·       WiFi from Port: Progressing.

·       Key Holder register: Item #11.

·       Treasurers report & hand over:  #Treasurers Report.

·       Change bank signatories from Rod Schmitt to Phil Chapman: DONE

General Business.

1/       Menzshed Christmas Party. 

Menzshed 20th December 12pm. Buy Burgers, Sausages in Freezer.  

ACTION: Phil Chapman to bring Burgers and fillings: BBQ Adrian Faulkner & Phil Chapman to bring small BBQs.

 2/       Christmas opening hours. Closed from 21th Dec & Reopened 6th Jan.

 3/       Funding: Chris Alison to apply for $1000 for Carving Projects from PHO.

Funding for  First Aid courses, $1500 Hand tools $500 training, travel to seminars etc is being worked on.  

ACTION: Phil Chapman to progress with Chris Alison and Council. 


a/       Charities paperwork: New Committee members to fill out.



4/        Vertical Horizons is looking to open a branch in Nelson and asked to sponsor/partner/lease/hire Shed for their safety training and certification business. Graeme met with Nelson Contractor and Regional Manager on the 7/12/18 and reported back to committee on what was discussed.  

Action: Phil Chapman to discuss with Council & bring back for further discussion.


5/       Setting Fees and Time for membership fees

At the AGM Members voted for monetary membership subscription to be voluntary/donation/koha and Time membership hours to be expected. New Committee to finalise.  

Agreed wording:

Members monetary subscriptions are set at $25 a year depending on financial situation; and 12 hours a year towards the benefit of Menzshed.

 Moved Adrian Faulkner                          Seconded Zack Domike

 6/       The BOX

  • Report: Dennis Moriarty

  • Paperwork: Rata Application, MOUs, Contract, Agreements Correspondence.

  • Point of Contact going forward. Phil & Dennis

  • Workbox Protocols working document received late and unable to distribute to committee members before meeting.

 ACTION:  Not discussed due to report coming after agenda had been sent out.

       Phil to discuss any Contracts, MOU etc with Dennis.

       Committee to review Workbox Protocols and discuss at next meeting.

 7/       Process for answering Community Requests.

  • Minor projects go to a 3 person team that evaluates the project from application, finds a leader for the project and reports on the project to the committee at the next meeting.

  • More than minor projects as referred from Community Projects Team to Committee.

Action: To continue

 8/       Teams for handling organisational requirements.

a/ Community Requests - Currently Wayne Logan & Zack Domike.

Action:           Wayne Logan to ask workshop member to be on team. 

b/ Health & Safety inductions – Graeme O’Brien & Grant Raven

 9/       Workshop Operational members & need for more.

Floor supervisors: Wayne Logan, Al Stewart

Greeters: Grant Raven, Zack Domike

ACTION: Wayne Logan to ask for volunteers to take on roles.

      Roster system for supervisors and helpers to be actioned in the New Year.

 10/     Donated materials:

a/ Members options.              

Action: Donated goods are Menzshed property and not to be taken by members without

 Further discussion on members options in the new year.    

b/ Sale of donated items.        

Action: Further discussion on Sunday sales at Shed or on Trade Me etc.   

c/ Donations & ownership     

Action: As a rule all donated tools, machines etc to become property of Menzshed.

Graeme O’Brien to draft letter. 

Wayne Logan & Ken Heraty to look at Menzshed donating excess hand tools to developing countries. Wayne Logan has contact through Rotary.   

11/      Buy NZ Campaign This has no cost and allows Menzshed to mark any items made with the trade mark of Made in NZ.
Action: Zack to progress design  

12/     Keys: 
Who has them?
Committees discussion was around who needs keys and why. 

Keys are to be re-issued on reason for having one.  

Wayne Logan: Supervisor. Richard Watson & Mark Cox: Workshop opening.

 Zack Domike, Sunday opening. Graeme OBrien Admin.

Graeme to contact Rod Schmitt & Hamish ??? regarding missing keys.

 13/     Petty Cash/Debit card for Workshop

$50 float for Workshop. To be kept by Mark Cox & Richard Watson.  Receipts to Treasurer.

Moved Phil Chapman                   Seconded Adrian Faulkner

14/     Wayne’s Shed report:    Tabled and Accepted by committee. 

15/     Brochures:

ACTION: Graeme to Contact John Martin to update Brochures and print 200.

16/       Next Meeting Agenda Item raised: Peter Shelton wishes to discuss repaying “Seed Money” put in by Menzshed Nelson members before amalgamating with Menzshed Wakatu.

17/       Donated laptop Kent Robertson donated a laptop to the shed and is progressing WiFi access with Port Nelson.

18/       Action Points:

·       Health & Safety: Fire door warning: All members better housekeeping.

·       Rosters for Floor supervisors & helpers: Wayne to ask for volunteers.

·       Community Requests Team:            Wayne to ask workshop member to be on team.

·       The Box:         Phil to discuss paperwork with Dennis.

·       The Box          Committee to review Workbox Protocols and discuss at next meeting.

·       Keys:              To be reissued based on reason for having one.

·       Keys:              Graeme to contact with Rod & Hamish.

·       Parking:         Phil to discuss with council, Ally Way behind Shed & out front.

·       Parking:         Members to be reminded not to block Port truck access.

·       Brochures:     Graeme to contact John Martin to update. 

·       Workshop Float:                   Treasurer to organise. 

·       Vertical Horizons:                Graeme to produce document for Phil.

                        Phil to discuss with Council.

·       Donated material etc:           Graeme to draft letter for donators outlining ownership. 

·       Funding:                                Phil Chapman to discuss with Chris Alison & Council.

·       Excess hand tools:                 Wayne Logan,Ken Heraty,donate to developing country.


19/     Next Meeting: Wednesday 13th Feb 2019 3pm