Committee Minutes 23rd February 2019

Menzshed Nelson Whakatu Inc
Committee Agenda
25th February 2019

Chair:                    Phil Chapman
Deputy Chair       Wayne Logan
Treasurer:             Peter Shelton
Secretary:             Graeme O’Brien

Committee Members:  Gavin Cooke, Zack Domike, Cairo Hemi, Shane Paratene, Adrian Faulkner




 Action Points from last meeting:

·       Health & Safety: Fire door warning: All members better housekeeping.

·       Rosters for Floor supervisors & helpers: Wayne to ask for volunteers.

·       Community Requests Team:            Wayne to ask workshop member to be on team.

·       The Box:         Phil to discuss paperwork with Dennis

·       The Box          Committee to review Workbox Protocols and discuss at next meeting.

·       Keys:              To be reissued based on reason for having one.

·       Keys:              Graeme to contact with Rod & Hamish. (Done)

·       Parking:         Phil to discuss with council. (Done)

·       Parking:         Members to be reminded not to block Port truck access.

·       Brochures:     Graeme to contact John Martin to update.  (Done Zack/Wayne)

·       Workshop Float:                   Treasurer to organise. 

·       Vertical Horizons:                Graeme to produce document for Phil. (Done)

                        Phil to discuss with Council.

·       Donated material etc:           Graeme to draft letter for donators outlining ownership. 

·       Funding:                                Phil Chapman to discuss with Chris Alison & Council

Excess hand tools:                 Wayne Logan,Ken Heraty,donate to developing country


Health & Safety:

Key Holders Item #3

Dangerous Goods #15

 General Business:

 Chairs Report:

 As tabled by Chair Phil Chapman.

 Shed Report:

As tabled by Wayne Logan.

 1/ The Workbox:

Documents tabled by Dennis M.

Dennis is preparing a power point presentation and asks for this item to be postponed.

 1a/ A proposal has been put forward by a Mr Vanya Smythe regarding the Workbox. The Secretary can give a brief outline of this from talking with Mr Vanya Smythe however until the committee has discussed the documents submitted by Dennis the proposal cannot be put forward. 

 2/ Keys:

 The Secretary asked members who have keys if they need one and if so can they please give their reasons so that the Committee can make a decision.

 3/ Key holders:

Key Holders have the ability to access and work on projects outside of normal operating hours. Although this is not an issue in it’s self the issue of members working alone is one the Committee must clarify and take responsibility for.

 4/ Workshop Team:

Organisational Structure submitted by Dennis M 

 5/ Workshop Area:

Boats in the main workshop area, Boat mould in extended area, donations that cannot be easily reused, repurposed or are of little to no value.

It is envisioned that a Workshop Team will take up much of the decision making around this matter.

 6/ Rubbish:

Wayne has made arrangements. Committee to be advised. 

 7/ Garage Sale etc /Members buying options:

To deal with the issue of the office furniture, excess tools etc a few ideas were discussed onsite with members. Garage Sale, Trade Me Menzshed Shop. 

A system has evolved were members are buying donated items. Although in principle this is a good idea there are a number of issues that the Committee may wish to discuss.

1/ Are the items being sold for a good price i.e what we can get from a Garage Sale/Trade Me/On Site shop. Does it matter?

2/ Is this a “first up best dressed” arrangement?

Does the Committee wish to put some guidelines in place?

 8/ Members borrowing of tools:

Does the Committee wish to put some guidelines in place?

 9/ Insurance:

Phil Chapman to update

 10/ exMenzshed Nelson members claim for $700 debt to be repaid:

Treasurer Peter Shelton asked that his item be discussed.

As a brief history from the Secretary’s understanding:

When MS Nelson & Whakatu amalgamated MS Nelson reps did ask that their constitution, website Logo etc be retained to which MS Whakatu reps did agree.   

After the agreed amalgamation it was disclosed that Menzshed Nelson members had to pay out of pocket expenses of $700 to their past Chairman for the right to use the website, logo etc.

A number of ex MS Nelson members who did pay $100 each have asked that MS Nelson Whakatu reimburse their outlay.

MS Nelson Whakatu does use the Website and Logo.

12/ Menzshed Project vs Personal Project:

It seems that once Menzshed agrees that a member can do a significant project at Menzshed this by defacto becomes a Menzshed Project utilising all Shed resources.  

Committee to discuss.

 13/ Donations vs “On-loan”

The Committee may wish to give thought to the way in which Menzshed is acquiring machinery, tools, etc.

Items are being given to Menzshed on loan (or without any firm agreement in place) however these at times require quite a bit of time and money to be functional.

A simple document that gives Menzshed full possession to do with the item as we wish could be an easy fix.

However, at times Menzshed may wish to take an “on-loan” item as it is helpful to our operations or may be an expensive piece of equipment.

If another similar item is later donated should Menshed ask that the “on-loan” equipment be taken away and replaced with the “donated” item?

 14/ Vertical Horizons Proposal:

Vertical Horizons are waiting for an answer from the Committee and Council whether to further their proposal.

Please see attached Vertical Horizons Document for details.

 15/ Dangerous Goods:

There are a number of items that are deemed dangerous goods e.g paints, thinners, resins etc being stored on-site incorrectly.


16/ Josh Greer application.

As per application attached.