Committe Agenda March 13th 2019

Menzshed Nelson Whakatu Inc Committee Agenda 2019

Feb 13th Feb 2019 3:30pm Menzshed

Chair: Phil Chapman

Deputy Chair

Treasurer: Peter Shelton

Secretary: Graeme O’Brien

Committee Members: Gavin Cooke, Zack Domike, Cairo Hemi, Shane Paratene, Adrian Faulkner

Previous Minutes: True & Correct




Inwards: Miscellaneous, Membership applications, donated goods inquiries etc

Outwards: Miscellaneous,

Action Points from last meeting:

· Phil Chapman wishes to gather more information from Dennis Moriarty and partners on The Box before following this up with Mr Vanya Smythe. (ONGOING)

· Secretary Graeme O’Brien. Query: Who has responsibility to authorise workshops purchases outside of Machine shop purchases as authorised by committee? (TBA)

· Letter to be drafted asking members to outline project and commit to a time frame for when work on boats are expected to be completed. Project to be evaluated by Committee (Workshop Team/Boat Team once formed) and decision to extend or remove be made. (Ongoing)

· Vertical Horizons: Phil Chapman in ongoing discussions with Council liaison officer. Committee to be advised of outcome. (Chair to report)

· (Note: Vertical Horizons are interested to work with MS to help young men into employment and have offered to promote Menzshed were possible amongst businesses that use their services)

· Inwards/Outwards goods & items sold/traded to be recorded in “Shed Items Book” for Committee records. (Done, but needs refining)

· Progress on Paints. (Done)

· Phil to ask Menzshed NZ for guidance on legal document for donations & loans. (Chair to report)

· Secretary to email members asking for a mentor for Josh Greer. (Done, no feedback)

· Document to be written for Key holders to sign stating Shed rules must be abided by at all times and the responsibility of having privileged access is made clear. (Ongoing)

· Sunday Team to work on practical application of Members “Tool Library” (Ongoing)

Health & Safety Forklift: Item#14

It would appear that there are a number of issues regarding the use of forklifts that may be difficult for Menzshed to comply with.

General Business.

1/ The Workbox (Protocols & Update)

Discussions between Dennis Moriaty, Chair and Secretary to clarify paperwork before bringing to committee.

Chair to organise and advise.



2/ Key holders:

The issue of who has keys and reasons for them has not been properly settled. The Secretary wishes to bring this item back before the Committee for a full and final decision.

Colin Johnston wishes to have a key so that he can put out the rubbish on Monday nights. The Secretary did ask Peter McGowen if he could have his key for this reason.

(Note at time of writing a Key Holders agreement has not been written due to unforeseen circumstances)




3/ Menzshed Project vs Personal Project:

From 25th Feb Meeting

“It seems that once Menzshed agrees that a member can do a significant project at Menzshed this by defacto becomes a Menzshed Project utilising all Shed resources. “

This item was not dealt with fully at the 25th Feb meeting and there is still ambiguity over this issue. The Secretary wishes to bring this item back before the committee for a full and final decision.

Background from 25th Feb Meeting

Committee decision: Projects must come through the process already in place. There is a request page on Nelson Whakatu Menzshed website, any request in the first instance to be received through this previously agreed process.

· Projects from the Workshop to be passed to Committee for approval before being undertaken.

· Small Projects coming through the door can be accepted by Grant Raven and Committee advised or be asked to put application through Website.

· It is expected that a Workshop Team will undertake these responsibilities once formed and approved by Committee.


Information provided at the 25th Feb Meeting

As the Secretary understands Peter McGowen Sea Scout project was a personal project by Peter repairing boats for the Sea Scouts and that Menzshed agreed that it could be undertaken on site. However, this has turned into quite an undertaking for a number of Menzshed members and an issue of allocated space. Furthermore, Peter has asked Mark to draw up plans for another related Sea Scout project. My concerns are that no costs of either materials or members time are being accounted for, that members may feel obligated to help under the impression that it is a Menzshed Project for the good of the shed.

This I feel is also the case for the Brook Sanctuary project, Wayne and I spoke with John about this project and he agreed to take this on as a personal project for the Sanctuary. However, this project has other members helping and Al was asked if he could print 3D ends for the boxes. This requires a key person of the shed to devote time to and requires Menzshed resources.

I believe that this is not feasible as it takes 45 mins to print one end cap.

If other members wish to be part of the project on a personal level that is all well and good however it would be good to set some parameters around these kind of projects.


Member John Martin who initially was undertaking Brook Sanctuary Rat Traps is now undertaking building Mouse Traps. The Secretary was on site when a Sanctuary Rep Robert Schadewinkel did bring this project to John M.

John M did ask if this needed to go back through the Request Page and committee however the Secretary did exercise his discretion as, it is a members project that has previously been approved and it does not take up an unreasonable amount of space (or any resources as I understand) . The Secretary was concerned about this being a second project for the Sanctuary however the original project is being done by Trent Roberts and is suitable for his abilities and on discussion with the Sanctuary Rep it seems the Rat Trap project is nearly completed.



Seconded :


Menshed Project for outside Organisation

The proposed project should come through the Website. This can be put by the Member involved.

This would outline what was being asked, how much Menzshed was being asked to contribute, e.g others members practical skills, resources, space time involved till completion etc. costs meet by respective organisations, who is leading the project & who is helping the project.

The opinion of Supervisors and respective Teams should be sought on the sheds ability to carry out such a project.

Any other members time or shed resources above and beyond the initial agreement should be carefully managed

For a project to be classed as a Menzshed Project there should be some communication and outline of agreement between the two respective committees in case of any future dispute.

Members Project for Outside organisation for major project.

The proposed project should come through the Website.

This would outline what the project is, what Menzshed is being asked to contribute, e.g others members practical skills, resources, space time involved till completion etc.

The opinion of Supervisors and respective Teams should be sought on the sheds ability to carry out such a project.

Any other members time or shed resources above and beyond the initial agreement should be carefully managed.

Members Project for Outside organisation for minor project.

The agreement of a Supervisor (two would be best).

The Member should give an overview of the project to the Committee so that the there is an understanding of which organisations Menzshed are helping indirectly through our Members.



Seconded :

4/ Workshop Teams & Organisational Structure:

Following on from the last meeting and the pressing need for this to be done and finalised for the smooth running of the workshop the Secretary puts forward an Organisational Structure and outline of Position responsibilities (as attached) for the Committee’s discussion.

All Members named in this document have been asked if they agree in principle to taking on the responsibility of these positions or already have this responsibility, however Members have not been asked to comment on the Responsibilities or any input into the actual wording.

It is envisioned that if the Committee agree with the Organisational Structure it will be taken back to the Members named in the document for their input and a final draft will be submitted for Committee final approval or if the Committee wishes the Chair could approval in the interests of moving forward quickly as it is hoped there will be little change to the document.

This Organisational Structure and the responsibilities taken on by the Teams should address many of the issues that have been difficult for the Committee to deal with after the fact.




5/ Members Projects

There are a number of Members projects that do not seem to be progressing. Although we must take into account that our opening days/times are limited it is still expected that the Member attend and shows progression on their project.

In conjunction with the Teams responsible for these areas the Secretary would like to list these projects and contact the appropriate Members for an update on what is happening and establish timeframe for completion.




6/ Members (Public) buying options:

This item was dealt with in the last meeting however things have slightly changed and the Committee may like an update.

Much of this will be taken up by the Organisational Structure if approved.

Wayne Logan has agreed to take on the responsibility Outwards Goods and of accepting a fair donation for goods and this is to be recorded.

The Secretary has for member Gavin Amey put this through as a practical application as follows:

Gavin Amey expressed interest in the fencing timber donated from Mitre 10 and offered just under half retail as a donation. Wayne was away so after discussions with the Chair on if he thought a reasonable price was half retail less $1, chair agreed. To put this to a second opinion the Secretary asked Colin Johnston if he thought that this was reasonable and fair to which Colin agreed.

As we have four supervisors it may be a good process if possible, on major items e.g over $100 to have two opinions, if this is not possible for any number of reasons appropriate person can make a decision.




11/ exMenzshed Nelson members claim for $700 debt to be repaid.

(Carried over from 25th Feb)

Treasurer Peter Shelton asked that his item be discussed. As a brief history from the Secretary’s understanding:

When MS Nelson & Whakatu amalgamated MS Nelson reps did ask that their constitution, website Logo etc be retained to which MS Whakatu reps did agree.

After the agreed amalgamation it was disclosed that Menzshed Nelson members had to pay out of pocket expenses of $700 to their past Chairman for the right to use the website, logo etc.

A number of ex MS Nelson members who did pay $100 each have asked that MS Nelson Whakatu reimburse their outlay.

MS Nelson Whakatu does use the Website and Logo.




12/ Port Wifi access: Port has granted access through Kent Robertson However when tried to connect it did not work.

Committee consider sending letter for thanks and ask about access issues




13/ Toys: Menzshed/ Salvation Army Partnership. Graeme OBrien is in contact with Manager regarding wooden toys they are storing for ideas and 50/50 partnership of items sold through Salvation Army Store.




The 50/50 partnership could also be looked at as an ongoing arrangement for other work. At the moment Ian is restoring a table for Salvation Army. If Salvation Army see a good return on this item they might see a good future for this kind of partnership.

Waiting to hear from Manager about this.

14/ Forklift: Chair Phil Chapman to advise



15/ Mainfright: Cartage of Ozito tools from North Island. This was organised through Dennis M Committee consider sending letter for thanks.

Secretary apologies for lateness of item.
16/ Members Request

Raised Gardens Beds As attached.


17/ Major Items Donated

Committee needs discuss what should be done with major items donated e.g Drop saws, skill saws etc that are surplus to requirements.


1/ Silent auction: Over a set time Members can put in bids on an item. 2/ Auction: A date set for this and may the best member win.

3/ Auction: As above but public would be invited. 4/ Trade Me/Facebook etc.

5/ Advertise for good causes to give to, e.g refugee working in the building trade, someone needing tools to get started in new job etc etc etc etc.

6/ other ideas.