August Update

Shed update August 2018

Projects (outside)

Last month our priority was to have the shed “set up for business” and this has not changed.However as the set up is going extremely well several outside projects and activities have also been completed.

Ruru (Morepork) apartments
Ron has produced prototypes of these wooden nesting boxes and so Richard and Mark will be starting production on these during the next month.

Bait Tunnels for Brook Sancturay 
Production is well underway with this project with 60 produced already.
The tunnels have a plywood base and the top tunnel is made from “realestate” sign core flute material.
The team consisting of Mark, Richard, Brian, Reg, John and Ken have a really efficient production line going on this project with folding,cutting and assembly jigs all set up.

Angel Boxes
Ron has been working with the hospital on this project.
Approximately 30 pregnancies in the Nelson area result in stillborn babies each year and so we could be involved in producing these miniature coffins.
Ron has already produced a prototype and production should start on this project next month.

Dining table modification
A friend of one of the members required a dining table to be shortened as she has down sized her accommodation.
John has now completed this project. The workmanship from John is of a very high order and we believe there will be a quality morning tea as payment.

Iron Duke Sea Scout Group boat refurbishment 
Professional boat builder Gavin ably assisted by apprentice Peter are currently completing a refurbishment of one of the groups sailing dinghies consisting of some fibre glass reinforcing and repainting.

Small table repair
A member of the public requires a small repair to be carried out on a glass topped table.
This work will be carried next month.

Projects (in-house)

Shadow boards
The mobile shadow boards are now fully completed by Mark, Richard, Brian and Reg. Painting has been completed by Colin and John (Rembrandt) Martin.

Tool storage units
These three tier mobile storage units which were designed by Mark and assembled under the watchful eye of Richard and his team are now completed with a somewhat dubious range of colours applied by Rembrandt John M.

Work benches
Although all of the MDF topped work benches have been completed, Paul and Colin have started work on a steel welding/fabrication bench.

Steel racking
The steel pallets that Colin sourced have been turned into the first of the timber racks by Wayne and Rembrandt John. The painting was of a somewhat restrained nature compared to the storage bins.

Trailer donation
We have been given a trailer which will require some refurbishment work.
Wayne and Colin stripped it down to the bare chassis to discover that some welding repairs are required on the chassis and a broken spring has to be replaced as well as the tail lights. Mike has started work on the tail lights and as we have the engineering skills in the group to complete the repairs we will go ahead with the project as a check on Trademe of second hand trailers and spare parts revealed that it will be economic to repair.

New equipment

We now have a brand new MMA, MIG, TIG welder and already Paul, Colin and Slade have it assembled and up and running.

Table saw

We have another table saw and small band saw as well as some other assorted small tools donated by Ann Shuttleworth

Wood lathe and bandsaw

Wayne has donated both these machines.

Assorted tools and timber

Local boat builder Trevor Arron has donated these items from his late fathers shed.

Assorted tools, equipment and fastenings 

Paul Verco donated these items after his shed clean out.

Wharehouse Stationary flat packs

We have an excellent connection with Wharehouse Stationary now whereby any office furniture which is damaged or incomplete comes to us rather than being dumped. Some of these items may be of no use but many are complete and so can be kept by us or resold.


Al and Mike continue to keep up the electrical maintenance and safety with more leads and machines being brought up standard.

Mike has made up a lead rack and is setting up a dedicated electrical bench and electrical station.

To make the metal lathe more efficient we hope to purchase some more tooling and a “quick change” tool post.

John will be starting on the benches for the workbox this month and with Denis’s return we should be be able to continue the contact with Mitre 10 more efficiently.

Safety signage
A “qualified operators” list is being set up by Graeme with Grant and Wayne continuing with machine signage as required.

Safety inductions
Graeme is continuing in this area.

Visitor safety equipment
Grant and Wayne have installed a cabinet in the foyer area which will be used to store visitor safety equipment such as eye and hearing protection.

New member meet/greet
This area is going well under Grant with a steady increase in membership.
We have currently have up to 18 members on the “shop floor” with the “smoko room” bursting at the seams!

Sandwich board
Mark and Brian produced a sandwich board in double quick time and Zac arranged for the sign writing to be applied.
The completed unit was delivered recently and the result is a very classy looking unit.
This will great to show show the public we are open and generally improve our profile.

All Black test day display.
On the Saturday afternoon of the big match we manned a display in Trafalgar Street which was a great success with a number of contacts made.
Thanks to Zac who coordinated the event and John M and his wife who produced the flyer by Kiwizing an Aussie Menshed flyer, setting out the format and arranging the printing. The end result looked very professional.
Thanks to Zac, John M, Peter M, Reg, Philip, Gavin, Wayne and Richard for manning the display.

We recently had a visit from Mike Freestone from the Bundanoon Menshed in Ozz.
Mike was very impressed by what we have achieved in the short time we have been operating and had some great ideas for projects including a garden stake driver which they sell to the public.

Looking ahead

In-house Shed


As our first timber MDF/ply rack has worked out well our next priority will be to produce two or three more which will allow us to move much of the stock currently scattered around on the floor into the racks.

Mike instigated the idea of placing our donated goods in some sort of order and so now we can actually find stuff and we are now in a position to store equipment in the new storage bins and place tools on the shadow boards.

We want to have an open day in the not too distant future and so our priority now is to generally tidy up (but of course still keep those outside projects rolling)