August Sheddie

AUGUST    2018      * Preparation of Workshop Equipment   *  Report on Community Projects   __________________________________________________________________________________________  

Shed Set-Up Nears Completion 

The main thrust over the last month has been to complete the shadow boards, storage bins and work benches. Despite continuing set up work, and new donations, we have accepted some new community projects. As soon as we can roster shop supervisors, we will open NWM more days. 

Preparation of Workshop equipment 

Shadow boards:  Two mobile boards readied by Mark, Richard, Brian & Colin. 

Tool storage units:  Four of these three-tier mobile units are virtually completed with just the drawer units remaining to be fitted. 

Work benches:  Charles, Gavin, Colin, Peter and Don completed all the steel framed MDF benches. Colin has set one up as a tool refurbishing unit complete with upstand, shelf, vice, plus power supply and lighting provided by Mike. 

Lathe cover:  A new fabric cover with material supplied by Wayne, sewn by Mike on his industrial sewing machine, currently set up at the Shed. 

Sheet Storage:  Colin has a source of light weight steel pallets which will be ideal for a multitude of uses. An immediate application will see them converted to timber and MDF storage racks. These racks will be bolted together so that they can be dismantled should we move premises. 

Gee clamp racks:  Gavin, Charles, Peter and Colin have now completed this project so we can now store the dozens of clamps that Gavin has donated. 

New Community Projects Commence 

A number of projects coming up in the not too distant future and some small projects have already been completed, such as:.    

Ruru (Morepork) apartments:  Rex and Ron have produced prototypes of these wooden nesting boxes which could develop into an ongoing production project. 

Rat traps for the Brook sanctuary:  A Prototype trap has been produced and like the Ruru project this could be an ongoing production project. 

Compost Box:  Another community group, Nelson Environment Centre, asked for a minor carpentry project to demonstrate good composting techniques. 

Angel Boxes:  Approximately 30 pregnancies in the Nelson area result in stillborn babies each year and so we could be involved in producing these miniature coffins.  Ron has been working with the hospital on this project, and he has already produced a prototype. If we participate with the project, it is envisaged that we would produce the basic box which would then be handed on to another commiunity group with artistic skills to decorate the exterior. Another group could complete interior linings. 

Electrical Installations in the Shed and the Workbox 

Al and New member Mike installed the new lathe and repaired the abrasive cut off saw switch donated by Charles.  Al continues work on the 3D printer.  Murray Leaning will coordinate the electrical installation in the Workbox.  Al has his testing certification renewed, which means that all power tools and leads will be tagged. 

Steady Flow of Donations Arriving  

Table saw:   A heavy duty, quality “Wadkin” table saw was delivered by crane truck. 

Drill presses:  That is not a misprint it is meant to read plural! Two bench type drill presses have been donated as well as a range of assorted hand tools. 

Large table belt sander:  Nigel Brown has donated a terrific sander, a beautifully made piece of equipment, and a credit to his father who built the complete unit.  An artistic exchange, Nigel will help us cut a wooden map of Aotearoa from a piece of Rimu timber which he will supply.  

Linisher:  Mike has engineered a very effective belt tracking system as well as improving the electrical safety on this machine. 

Lathe:   Mike designed, made and installed a safety micro switch system whereby the lathe cannot be started until the chuck key is removed and the chuck guard is swung into position.  Mike also donated and wired in a swivel light on the lathe.  Wayne gave the lathe its first workout by machining six supporting foot plates and then levelling the machine up. 

Finally, Health and Safety, Always First  

Graeme & Ron continues H&S inductions, repeated for the new members arriving steadily.  

Wayne has replaced all the loose rivets and worn pivot bolts in our step ladder. 

Grant is showing visitors and prospective members our facilities.  As suggested by Waimea MenzShed, the “Front door Greeter” eliminates interruptions to workflow. 


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