Full July 2018 Sheddie

            “Shed facilities action” 


THIS EDITION IN SHORT   * Donations of Workshop equipment   *  Report on Community Projects  * Steady Progress with WORKBOX  *   __________________________________________________________________________________________  

New donations continually offered! 

*  Margaret Hunter kindly donated a considerable quantity of Melteca MDF Board from her late husband’s joinery business. 
*  Member Mike Gough has donated a very high end Record wood working vise.  (Mike can also supply a dust extractor at a very reasonable price.) 
*  Committee Member Gavin has donated two heavy duty fire extinguishers. 
*  NMIT have donated the following; 
Colchester tool room lathe complete with additional tooling, 
Heavy duty Pedestal grinder, 
Two High quality bench vices. 

Our first major Community Project Completed for “Light Nelson” 

Display Table for the “Light Nelson – Alice in Wonderland Show” 

This involved the construction of a 7.8 metre x 2.4 metre table for Larrise Hall who was one of the artists involved with the mid winter “Light Nelson” held at the Queens Gardens. We decided to build 18 saw horses to support a sub frame which in turn supported prepainted MDF panels. 

The table was totally set up in the shed and then all the components were numbered and coded. In a team effort, on the Monday morning before the event, a large crew of Sheddies dismantled for transport to the site.  We were fortunate to have Adrian Faulkner offer his large van, and steady hand, to facilitate loading.  Great teamwork allowed smooth transport of the sawhorses and the 4-metre main bearers to the set up zone. The weather was not consistently kind over the weekend of the show, but the painting of the MDF table stood up well. 

We dismantled the table the day after the conclusion of the show and transported the components back to base. We now have the all the materials back in stock and 18 sawhorses for our shed 

 Minor Community Projects Resolved 

Trestle table rack for Victory Community Centre:  This was a simple construction made very efficiently by Richard and delivered in the Logan Ute. 

Stepping platform for “Health Kids” early learning centre: This was a pallet type unit quickly and efficiently constructed by Richard. 

Bar stool modifications:  Gavin shortened up the legs on two bar stools for a member of the public for the reasonable charge of a bag of savouries. 

Electrical Installations 

Al and New member Mike installed the new lathe and repaired the abrasive cut off saw switch donated by Charles.  Al continues work on the 3D printer. 

Shed Furnishings 

John has further improved the existing timber rack. 

Colin has refurbished and mounted the first of the engineering bench vices. 

Mark and Richard have the prototype storage bin system completed. 

Next on the list will be the tool shadow boards. 

Mark has moved the drawing office to the northern room on the first floor. 

We have official NCC permission to use the new larger smoko room on the first floor. 

Steady Progress on WorkBox, the Mitre10/Boxman container  

John Rominger and helpers are making great progress with the lining now completed.  

Mark designed workbenches and tool trolleys that have been cut, so components are ready to assemble & paint.   

Finally, Health and Safety, Always First  

Graeme has started H&S inductions, which can be repeated by appointment. 

Grant and Wayne are continuing with machine signage. 

The First Aid cabinet is mounted adjacent to the workbox. 


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