October 2018 Sheddie

OCTOBER 2018 * Preparation of Workshop Equipment * Report on Projects

Shed “Buzzz” - what’s been happening this month.
This month we have been working to bring the shed up to full operating status and, with the full support and focus of all members, this is pretty well being achieved. We look forward to our first public ‘Open House” (Saturday 27 October 10.00am2.00pm) when people can drop in and check out the facilities available and what goes down at Nelson Whakatū Menzshed. There’s no debate in anyone’s mind that our lease of the mighty Reliance engineering building has been a huge advantage in progressing our establishment and operational base on the local scene. The building is infinitely suitable for our purposes, and it is reassuring that our lease has been extended next year so we can enjoy the facilities we have set up over past months. We are considering options of a more permanent home through discussions with NCC planning an appropriate site, facilities and resources looking into the future. Our “Community Assist” projects programme is gaining momentum with a number of major and minor projects already completed in the community and more in the pipeline. It’s true to say that there is a high degree of support for good causes by our members, and that “We will do what we can to help out when we can.” To this end we have just developed a robust process for handling inquiries seeking community project support. The first port of call is our website homepage under the tag ‘Community Assist’ where anyone may action a request for consideration and help. Obviously we can’t do everything and the final decision rests with our memberships’ time, talents and availability but we undertake to do what we can. Donations of tools, machinery and materials continue to come in and are much appreciated. Most gifts are put to immediate use and often assist in responding to community needs and projects. We are in the final throes of completing our “WorkBox” mobile workshop in partnership with “Helping Hands” - Mega Mitre 10, Boxman, and a substantial grant from Rata Foundation. This will enable us to take on bigger scale community projects with the tools and support to do the job. Finally, it needs to be said that a fundamental purpose of our Shed is for the lads to drop in have a chat and a cuppa and a few laughs, and get stuck into a few personal projects with the support of their mates. The reality - even over the very short time of our setting up - is that we are accumulating an enviable wealth of talent and experience amongst our members, who are proving willing and able to share their knowledge when needed.
Preparation of Workshop Equipment:
Shadow boards:

The mobile shadow boards are now fully completed by Mark, Richard, Brian and Reg. Painting has been completed by Colin and John (Rembrandt) Martin.
    Tool storage units:
These three tier mobile storage units which were designed by Mark and assembled under the watchful eye of Richard and his team are now completed with a dubious range of bright colours applied by Rembrandt John M.
    Work benches:
All the MDF topped work benches have been painted and completed. Paul and Colin have started work on a steel welding/fabrication bench.
     Steel racking:
The steel pallets that Colin sourced have been turned into the first of the timber racks by Wayne and Rembrandt John. The painting was of a somewhat restrained nature compared to the storage bins.
New Equipment:

We now have a brand new MMA, MIG, TIG welder and already Paul, Colin and Slade have it assembled and up and running.
Table saw: We have another table saw and small band saw as well as some other assorted small tools donated by Ann Shuttleworth.
We ordered more tooling and a “quick change” tool post for the metal lathe.

Looking ahead to more In-house Material’s Consolidation:

As our first timber MDF/ply rack has worked out well, our next priority will be to produce two or three more which will allow us to move much of the stock currently scattered around on the floor into the racks.
Community Projects:
Start to Finish Iron Duke Sea Scout Group boat refurbishment:
Professional boat builder Gavin, ably assisted by apprentice Peter M, are currently completing the refurbishment of one of the Sea Scout group's sailing dinghies and final painting..
Ruru (Morepork) apartments:
Production on these has reignited with Ron's lead.
Bait Tunnels for Brook Sanctuary:
Production continues on this project. We have a bay, bench and jigs set up specifically for the production of these units and so we can now put anyone onto the production team and simply “pump” them out on demand, with over 60 produced already.
Compost Box:
Another community group, Nelson Environment Centre, asked for a minor carpentry project to demonstrate good composting techniques.
Yoga support boards:
A batch are underway for Chris Roberts’ yoga class
Aotearoa map project:
As payment for the generous donation of the sanding machine from Nigel Brown’s father we agreed to cut out a map of Aotearoa for mounting on his father’s wall. Nigel supplied two attractive pieces of Rimu to cut the map from and Waimea Menzshed cut out the map with their CNC router. John R finish-sanded the project and Nigel is in the process of sorting out a suitable mounting backboard.
Memorial Prize for Nelson College:
Peter Lamb was a Nelson College old boy and one the world’s leading meteorologists. Peter died 4 years ago, living in the USA, and was always very generous with the funding of many grants for Nelson College. Our part in the project is to produce the wooden base for a trophy which will be presented to the top year 13 geography student. Richard is in the process of laminating this project in solid timber. Peter’s sister Joy Oakly will drop by with the final dimension details next week.
Victory Community Centre:
A small garden bed project is being completed/ modified/ improved by Denis and Skid.
Top of Trafalgar Street Project:
This project involves building giant draught/chess/domino sets for the NCC summer program. It will be excellent publicity for us, however it will be a very ambitious project. It will have to look professional and be efficient with a very tight time frame and limited budget.

 Projects (in-house)
Shadow boards/mobile storage bins:
These units are now completed and work has started on attaching tools and storing fastenings etc. After our open day we will sort the tools and equipment into the various categories to enable us to prioritise tools & equipment storage.
Work benches:
All the MDF topped work benches are now completed and in position in various areas in the shed. Paul completed the steel fabrication bench.
Steel racking: The first steel timber rack was a composite MDF/steel version but since the acquisition of the MIG welder the remaining two racks have been of full steel construction. Paul is our number one MIG welder and doing a great job.
Trailer donation:
Wayne and Colin have been working on the donated trailer but with Colin away and other priorities at the moment this project is on hold.
New equipment:
Paul and Colin are putting the MIG welder to good use. Meanwhile, Al and Slade have the 3D printer running in the upstairs “Techno lab”.
  Warehouse Stationary flat packs:
Wayne, Grant, Peter and Al assembled most of the donated flat packs. The shelf units are already in use in the shed with the benches on display in the foyer. These units are for sale, (all offers accepted!)
Cairo and Shane have made a beautiful Whakairo “Nelson Whakatū MenzShed” carving in pride of place over our main front entrance. This was unveiled at the Open House, and completed using the carving chisels which were purchased recently. We now have an equipped “carving” bay and bench in the shed.
John has the work benches for the box under construction and Denis has started on the ceiling lining.
Philip has had a spell in hospital with suspected appendicitis. ZD made light of his recent motor vehicle accident but he is still very sore and on crutches. Denis has returned after a lengthy stint on the other side of the world. Ron “Skid” has returned from places North. Richard is away up North. Wayne will be visiting his granddaughter in Ozz until mid November.
These monthly reports for the committee have been only produced since we moved into 236 Haven Road but of course there was quite a bit happening after the two sheds joined. One of our members reminded us of probably our first project/donation exercise. Mark Fielding needed an office clean out and we needed furniture. So - Mark, Denis, ZD and Wayne moved quite a quantity of very valuable office furniture into temporary storage in the Logan basement. When we moved into 236 the furniture was transported to the shed and installed upstairs. So now you know where those excellent draughting drawer units came from in the upstairs “office”.
Finally, Health and Safety, Always First:
Electrical, Mechanical, and Woodworking Safety:
Al and Mike continue to keep up the electrical maintenance and safety standards on more leads and machines.
  Dust extraction:
A dust extraction system has been ordered and should arrive in the next week or two.
Visitor safety equipment:
The cabinet in the foyer now has extra personal safety equipment installed, such as eye and hearing protection.
On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Grant often shows visitors and prospective members our facilities. ZD suggested he will be the “Shop Greeter”
Sunday mornings:
As soon as a “Shop Supervisor” volunteers for that day.
  “Supervisor” Support:
Many members are very skilled, while all are very independent, but Wayne has kept the workflow and troops in order as the primary Supervisor. If you have wide-ranging skills in this area, we need more volunteers to fill both positions - “Greeter” & “Supervisor” - to open NWM on more days.

OCTOBER 2018 MenzShed – Adding Value to The Community