November 2018 Sheddie

NOVEMBER 2018 * Seriously Open for business  * Lightening progress on Workbox * Report on Projects * We’ve got a new Trailer

Shed “Buzzz” - what’s been happening this month.

This month saw us have our official Opening Day at the Reliance site after a long lead in period outfitting the interior with a fully complemented machine shop , dedicated work bays for welding, painting, traditional Maori carving , a specialist electrical shop, a dedicated large smoko room and new storage racks for timber and other materials.

Our new branded “Community Assist” service has been rolled out on our website facilitating an easy and fast track way for groups and individuals to contact us to request help with community projects. We have already had a noticeable increase in requests for help and a pretty quick turnaround and completion of two significant projects over the month. It is refreshing to see clients taking the time to complete our short help pro-forma, as it gives us the quality information we need to respond quickly and get the job done.

Our Workbox project really gained momentum this month with lots of dedicated effort by a large team at the Shed, and we think we are now on track to complete this project before Christmas and have it out on the road working in partnership with Helping hands Mega Mitre 10.

Finally this month we have our AGM on Saturday November 24 so If you’re interested in serving on the committee, joining up or have an initiative you want to share come along and have your voice heard.


Workshop report
Preparation of Workshop Equipment / New equipment  

A Dust extractor unit has been installed in the machine shop  by Richard and Mark.

 A Table top drill press has been completed, renovated by Mike G. His restorative work is a treat to see and final results truly impressive.

Community Projects:

Workbox:  Workbox improvements have seen the completion of the lined ceiling compliments of John R John M, Peter, Paul and Denis with John M doing some excellent finishing work painting the interior walls and ceiling. We are beginning to assemble tool storage units and the sparky will be coming in next week to install lighting and electrical circuitry. John R is putting the finishing touches to foldable benches which will be installed on the back wall.

We finished the first instalment of our giant street games for the NCC who are closing off the top of Trafalgar street for the summer, so visitors can have a crack at giant dominos, Jenga or draughts as they relax in this newly installed inner city recreational space. A big team effort by Peter, John (the other painter) Al, Mark, Richard, John R, and Denis to meet the quick deadline was required with this job.   

 Bait Tunnels for Brook Sanctuary: The production team continue to  “pump” them out on demand, with the overall tally heading eventually to the 400 mark.

Shed Trailer: Colin has single-mindedly rebuilt our donated trailer over the last few weeks and it seems is replacing or renovating every aspect and component. The finished product is truly impressive and will be a great asset for general transporting of gear and especially for pickups and deliveries. Great effort Colin !

Piano stool repair: Gavin has repaired a local musicians favourite double piano stool from certain doom with some very clever joinery work which has extended the life of the family heirloom for a few more years.

Angel nests:  Final designs have been drawn up by Mark and a proto-type nest has been constructed by Mark and Richard to run past our clients before we progress further with this project. Sheddies met with our working partner Jamie for Simplicity funerals who has undertaken to line these nest in a professional manner from his business premises.

November Shed Buzzz 2018 MenzShed – Adding Value to The Community