March 2018 Sheddie

                         5TH   MARCH  2018

 Introducing the “The Sheddie” - your fast track source to what’s up with Menzshed Nelson/Whakatū Inc.


This edition in short   * Amalgamation – We’ve done it ! ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­  *  New workshop premises -  We’re moving in !   * New workshop fit out taking shape with generous donations and Urgent Working Bee this Wednesday  * Rata Foundation Grant of $15000 received  *  Help ! We still need stuff  *  Recruit a friend to MNW  

Amalgamation – We’ve done it!  Now its “Menzshed Nelson/Whakatū  

At a Special General Meeting held last week MNI members voted unanimously to a name change (as above ) then moved that Menzshed members from both central sheds (both Nelson and Whakatu)  become members of the newly names entity Menzshed Nelson –Whakatu. A new constitution was adopted and elections held for a new committee, numbering nine members with a pretty even split between the two sheds. Committee members from old MNI are Hamish, Rod,Gavin and Denis and from MW – Zack, Philip, Shane and Cairo   Both chairs of the old sheds (Philip and Denis) have agreed to stay on as joint chairs for the remainder of the setting up period, but intend to stand down from leadership positions when the AGM for the organisation comes round within the next three months. Zack is the new secretary and Rod the new Treasurer. We will profile the new committee members in the next Sheddie edition- April edition.    

New workshop premises -  We’re moving in !

On March 1 the two Joint chairs Philip and Denis signed a lease for the Reliance building space on Haven Rd  Our new postal address is 236 Haven Rd. The lease is for one year only and we were pleased to take up this opportunity knowing we could achieve a lot in the new premises and set up our equipment for a quick exit at the end of the lease if we have to. The leased part of this massive building includes a lean to workshop space with 3 phase and single phase power and a complete office suite on the eastern end of the building with ample adjacent car parking. Intended use of the office space include a foyer reception area including a display space of current projects and a small library, a locker room and workshop for fine detailing and small craft work projects. The upstairs rooms will house a AV presentation/committee room, a design room, a Smoko room,toilets and a small storage/meeting room.   

New workshop “fit-out” taking shape with generous donations and a Working Bee this Wednesday March 7 starting at 8.00am.

The process of moving in and fitting out spaces has already begun and over the next two weeks we will be busy doing a thorough Spring Clean of the entire premises and moving in substantial donations of furniture and machinery and tools to fit out the site. To this end we are calling an urgent Working Bee for this Wednesday starting at 8.00am at Reliance. (Sorry about the short notice but we are hosting a presentation on Thursday and decided we could hurry things along and prepare some rooms before Thursday this week.) Wayne is bringing some industrial quality cleaning equipment – a carpet cleaner , vacuum cleaner etc and we will have cleaning agents and rags, but if you have a good vacuum cleaner and/or a mop and bucket please bring it along and we can speed things up considerably.  A couple of medium step ladders may come in handy as well. Has anyone got a polisher we could use for the vinyl floors? Later in the week and/or next week we will be picking up Gavins’ workshop machinery and other machinery donations to fit out the ”Lean To” workshop. We will need volunteers to help load and unload, and trailers/ trucks utes to transport gear if you have them. We will decide on a date for shifting gear on Wednesday at the working Bee. It could be either Friday 9, Monday 12, or Wednesday 14 dependent on availability of members. Please phone Denis (027 4746631) or Wayne (027 3460069) if you can help.

Help ! We still need stuff

We have done surprisingly well with most aspects of “moving in requirements” but would welcome donations of the following items. Tall Office dividers, library style shelves -  suitable for storing displaying books, banks of metal locker cabinets, a drafting/design board, 2x  desk top computers of recent origin and large monitors, and a large 50 “ + monitor for the presentation/ committee room. Phone Denis or Wayne if you can help.(phone numbers above )

Rata Foundation Grant of $15000 received for WORKBOX

Also last week we were notified of a successful result re our application to the Rata Foundation for financial assistance to equipment our “Workbox” -  portable container workshop. The $15000 will ensure we have some magnificent tools and equipment associated with this project. You will soon be able to view some specific detail of this on-going project in our new display area.

Recruit a friend to MNW

Now we have a firm pathway to the future of NMW we invite you to promote the Shed and its new direction to friends as possible new members. We will soon have more specific detail on subs and other related details on our revised website so stay posted to view these revisions in the next couple of weeks.