April 2018 Sheddie

             APRIL Ed. 2018   “OPEN FOR BUSINESS”

 Introducing the “The Sheddie” - your fast track source to what’s up with Menzshed – Nelson/Whakatū ________________________________________________________________________________________

THIS EDITION IN SHORT  *  Refurbishing the new Shed - Report on Progress  *  Generous donations of Workshop equipment delivered to shed  *  Regular weekly “Open Shed”  Wed. 10-12 noon. Members only  *  “Wanted” Items list * Working Bees Coming up  *  Roadmap Dates to Official Opening Day  *  Weekly Wednesday seminar presentations  * New  website revamp  __________________________________________________________________________________________

 Refurbishing the new Shed.

Great progress has been made on refurbishing the new shed spaces with initial efforts going into setting up our spacious office/recreational suite of rooms. We now have a very respectable foyer/reception space where members can sign in, use the downstairs lounge or have a game of pool. Upstairs we have a seminar room for audio/ visual presentations, a design room for firming up project concepts and working drawings, and a Smoko room for meetings and having a chat. The process of setting up workshop space has begun with moving in donated machine shop equipment, however this area will need a lot more input and time to ensure we create a safe and functional workshop environment. (keep your eye out for ‘WorkingBees’ associated with these developments and also our revised list of what we still need by way of gear and equipment). Together with other equipment already donated, we already have a fantastic basis for a pretty comprehensive wood machine shop.  

Generous donations of Workshop equipment

Our workshop setup received a great initial boost with Committtee member Gavin Cooke donating his entire work shop suite to the shed. Not only content with this Gavin (and friend Ian) also figured out how to shift items we found impossible to lift, such as an extraction unit and a massive saw bench. With a combined 158 years of experience between them and using their brains rather than brawn, the dynamic duo used a combination of block and chain, levers and just a little brute force to get the job done. Awesome efforts lads - Much appreciated!

Regular Wednesday Weekly “Open Shed”  Wednesday. 10.00am -12 noon.

On Wednesday April 4, we will been having our first Wednesday Weekly – “Open Shed” session, primarily as a meet up time for members, but also an opportunity for prospective members to come and check us out. Only our recreational and social spaces are open at the moment, but it’s a good chance to call in for a cuppa, re-establish contact with the lads and also find out what will be happening next and how you might be able to help out. One of our immediate focuses as a group is to sort out what sort of Shed operation we want to run with, and if you haven’t thought about it too much before, then check out our new revised website www.Menzshed Nelson/Whakatū, with its ABOUT US section which outlines the developmental history of Mens’  sheds around the world, and STORY describing the growth of  Mens’ sheds in the local Nelson area. If you want to promote a particular brand of shed culture you think would add value, then it will pay now to speak up and throw in your bit to ensure Our Shed development heads in the desired direction.

“Wanted” Items list   

Virtually all our plant, furniture, tools and equipment have been donated to date, and we are very appreciative of donors /contributors who have thought of us first. Find below a short list of items we are immediately interested in obtaining:

Solid large workbenches / any kind of workshop tools and machine tools / hand tools / power tools in good going order / desk top computers and flat screens / large flat screen TV /  a Design drawing board./ adjustable design room lamp.  Please contact Denis 0274746631 or Wayne 0273460069

Working Bees Coming up -  Dates

We’re very keen to have members help out on WORKINGBEES coming up on the calendar so first up check out what the term WORKINGBEE means before putting up your hand .  Here it is ……

working bee noun   AUSTRALIAN/NZ

1.an occasion when volunteers come together to carry out communal work.

Eg. "many a working bee was organized to improve the facilities"

2. New Zealand defn - a voluntary group doing a job for charity

And that’s exactly what we are using them for. Here’s what’s coming up…….


WorkingBee #1A Wednesday  4 April 11.00am  Stacking timber in the “Lean To” Workshop

Working Bee #1B Wednesday 4 April 11.00am  Floor clean and polish (office spaces)

WorkingBee #2 Wednesday 11April 10.30am Cleaning and oiling machinery in Workshop

WorkingBee #3 Wednesday 18April 10.30am  Round town Pickup -  Donated Workshop Machinery

Roadmap Dates to Official Opening Day

Wednesday 4 April first weekly Wednesday visit MNW

Wednesday 4  April  media visit with Committee MNW

Wednesday 4 april  informal committee meting on NCC grant and aspirations /commitments

Monday 9 April committee meeting at MNW

Opening Day TBA  all members /new members / VIPs/ Guests to be invited;   Sometime later in April

Weekly Wednesday seminar presentations

Just a thought but maybe we should have a Wednesday Weekly Seminar Presentation on a selected topical theme or issue. (20 minutes presentation with follow up discussion)  Immediate thoughts are:

·       What sort of Shed do we want to be  - Possibilities ? presenter Wayne Logan (Mens’ shed Oz Visits)

·       60 years of boat building - what have I learnt ?  Presenter Gavin Cooke

·       Time Bank –a parallel alternative system of contributing to Shed growth and prosperity  -Graeme O’Brien

·       Keeping us in the Black  - applying business principles to MNW  Presenter Rod Schmidt - Treasurer

Please have a think about this and let us know what your thoughts on organising these talks and other topics.

New Shed  Website Revamp   www.Menzshed-Nelson/Whakatū

Thanks to some great technical work by Robert Shade (our current Web master) we have been able to review  our Shed website material so It’s more in keeping with our amalgamated status and direction. Additions include an historical background to the Mens’ shed movement globally, our own local story, an updated logo and some historical and contemporary photo stories for our news section. Thanks Robert.