May 2018 Sheddie

                                   MAY Ed. 2018   “WORKSHOP DEVELOPMENT ”

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THIS EDITION IN SHORT  *  Refurbishing the new Shed - Report on Progress  *  Generous donations of Workshop equipment Continue   *  Regular Wednesday Weekly “Open Shed”  Wed. 9-12 noon. – with Working Bees  *  Wanted - list of Items  * First ever Wednesday seminar presentation – Gavin Cooke – 60 years building boats – things I have learnt !    __________________________________________________________________________________________

 Refurbishing the new Shed.

We’re into it! Setting up the main Machine Workshop (under the watchful eye of workshop boss Wayne Logan) has been our latest priority, and installation and powering up of this area is coming along well. So far this has taken two Wednesday weekly working Bees and Bees in this area will continue to be our focus until we get the job done, We has almost the full compliment of gear but most obviously missing is a band saw, so keep your eyes peeled so we can complete the set and the vision for this space. There’s been some great work done in our design room with the refurbishment of a professional quality drawing board, led by new member Mark, who comes from a design background so a “ Big Ups” for him and his helpers.

Generous donations of Workshop equipment -  and “donor name plate” acknowledgements

We continue to receive significant donations of machine tools and power and hand tools which are always gratefully accepted and to date so far we have had very little duplication, so keep it up everyone, If you hear of anything being offered or has no place to go then please suggest our place – the shed – reinforcing its going to be put to good use and probably much of the time to a deserved or needy cause. With major items eg large workshop quality tools, we are starting a tradition of acknowledging the donor with a name plate which indicates the origin and name of the giver. 

Regular Wednesday Weekly “Open Shed”  Every Wednesday- 9.00am -12 noon.  -  With Working Bees

Our Weekly Wednesday Shed open Days seem to be locked in and happening now and we have paired these up with a Working Bee theme as well with plenty of down time for a cuppa and a chat. Please note that we start at 9.00am now cf 10.00am, as there is quite a bit to be done at the moment. It’s great so see new faces arriving and joining us every week, so if you are new to town or the Menzshed vibe, or just thinking of joining, come along on a Wednesday to check us out, take a tour, and chat with the lads…. And of course join up !. Our membership fees are $50 p.a. with an option to join a time bank scheme if you wish.

“Wanted” Items list   

Virtually all our plant, furniture, tools and equipment have been donated to date, and we are very appreciative of donors /contributors who have thought of us first. Find below a short list of items we are immediately interested in obtaining:

Solid large workbenches / any kind of workshop tools and machine tools / hand tools / power tools in good going order / desk top computers and flat screens / large flat screen TV /  adjustable design room lamp.  Please contact  Wayne on cell 027 346 0069

Weekly Wednesday seminar presentations

This week we are starting the first session of what we hope will be a regular Wednesday Weekly Seminar Presentation on a selected topical theme or issue. (20 minutes presentation with visuals and follow up discussion)  

Gavin Cooke has agreed to be our first speaker on the topic – “60 years of boat building – things I have learnt !” Venue and Time: Seminar Room Time 11.15am.

It’s all supposed to be pretty low key, casual and informative, and Gavin has already proven he has a lot of experience – both practical and life –which we would all like to hear more about.

Other speakers and topics that spring to mind are;

  • ·       What sort of Shed do we want to be  - Possibilities ? Presenter Wayne Logan (Mens’ shed Oz Visits)
  • ·       Time Bank –a parallel alternative system of contributing to Shed growth and prosperity Presenter  -Graeme O’Brien
  • ·       Keeping us in the Black  - applying business principles to NWM  Presenter Rod Schmidt - Treasurer

Let us know what your thoughts on organising these talks and other topics ….. and speakers you would be interested in hearing (about)
Nelson/Whakatū Website  www.Nelson/Whakatū - Menzshed
Want to know  more about Menzshed generally and Nelson/ Whakatū in particular?  Then our revised website is the place to go to find the most current information. Our webmaster Rob Shade is totally on the job and always adding to what is becoming a pretty comprehensive, interactive and responsive website for our organisation.

Community Projects / community assistance programme

Our committee is working on establishing a process which responds most appropriately and effectively to our commitment to help out where we can with community oriented help projects. Key to our strategy is the establishment and operation of Workbox – the seemingly mythical portable workshop in a container that has been much talked about but no one has yet seen. This is soon to change as WorkBox – the portable Workshop in a container – is imminently due to arrive at the shed in the next two weeks, after its new exterior paint job is completed at Boxman (one of our key sponsors who has provided the purpose built container). After moving on- site we are charged with the task of lining the interior/ installing moveable workbenches and purpose built shelves and storage units and coordinating electrics and tool purchase (with the valuable sponsorship of materials supplied in part by our other major sponsor - Mitre10 Mega)  So keep an eye out for its arrival in the next couple of weeks.

Upcoming events - but no firm dates yet

Official Opening: Members/ VIPs /sponsors /Media invited

AGM   Inaugural AGM of NWM