Mid May 2018 Sheddie

Mini Mid-May Sheddie

Operations and NWM/Community Project Update

A valuable update from Committee Member Wayne Logan:

Progress on Setting Up and Commissioning the Shed:
a.]  Al Stewart our new “sparky” member has the big table saw up and running.
b.]  Richard has set up three of the other machines on a new table, all running.
c.]  John and Peter are building the wooden benches for the Workbox, which  has been hauled into the Shed.  This will be shifted into place, to be ready for fit-out.
Tomorrow (Thursday) a bunch of us will be welding up the steel benches and John and Peter will continue working on the wooden benches.
If you come to the Shed, sign in with Wayne, and help prepare, align, clean, lubricate and sharpen.-- 


First NWM/Community project adopted:
Presented to the Wednesday Working Bee, accepted: as reported by Wayne.
"Larrise Hall and "Light Nelson," for their show at the Queens Gardens in July - wants a table constructed (7.8metres x 2.4metres)
"Wednesday morning she dropped in to the shed and outlined the project to us.
Several members were present and we all agreed to continue with the project. She has sufficient MDF board of her own to complete the table and we are suggesting that we build a bunch of saw horses to sit the table top on. We will then have a useful number of saw horses at the end of the project which we can then use ourselves.
"To this end I have obtained saw horse drawings from NMIT and so we should be able to set up a production line and knock them out really quickly.
"We intend to build the table at the shed, code all the parts, pull it apart, transport it to the site and assemble it."